Revelations, owning the authentic self.


As we approach, or hurtle towards the exact alignment of the Grand Cardinal Square, I am constantly reminded, both in my work and in my dealings with family, friends and associates, how connected we are to that great web of potentials and possibilities, that is the Universe. Or perhaps you perceive that field as God, Great Spirit, The Almighty etc.. however you choose to identify with it, the amazing amount of synchronicity that occurs when you acknowledge its existence in your life is quite mind blowing. My work as a Psychic, Astrologer and Tarot reader often allows me the privilege of introducing the concept of the Field of Potential to my clients, some of whom have never really considered that they have a controlling stake in their own lives, and many who believe that they are at the mercy of circumstance.

This morning I read a very interesting post on a page by fellow Astrologer Carole Young. The basis of which was the unrelenting and often superficial nature of positivity within the so called “spiritual” fraternity. Interestingly, this is a conversation I’ve been having with a number of people, and it relates to the amount of untruths, lies and deceptions that are being revealed right now, under the auspices of the Grand Cardinal Square.  In a situation I personally know of, a man has been revealed as a total fantasist, and has been decloaked in a rather spectacular fashion. His secret Plutonian underbelly as been exposed by a lazer lightening strike from Uranus, splitting his world apart. The Tower card of the Tarot is a perfect reflection of this kind of circumstance, and is, of course, ruled by Uranus. The extent to which the threads of his lies have affected others, may well be widespread. The point is, none of us can live under falsehoods any longer. The push towards authenticity and embracing the totality of all we are, warts and all, is irresistible. Pluto’s inner stirrings will gestate and will bring about massive changes. Uranus will provide the sudden slash to the belly, to reveal our innards, the very guts of our being in all its reality and shocking detail. This is also the case on a Global scale, as manipulation of the masses through lies and misinformation via the mainstream media will be seen for just what it is. There is also another character involved in this unfolding situation, and that is the great planet Saturn. Saturn is stationed in Scorpio right now, and he is the task master, the tough mentor, pushing us to take part in our our forensic examination of our reality, our beliefs and our honest naked selves. Scorpio ruled by Pluto, but before the discovery of Pluto, ruled by Mars (who is incidentally, another participator in the Cardinal Grand Square,) is the pathologist par excellence. The detective who is like a terrier with a bone, a relentless seeker of the truth. Wherever Saturn is transiting your chart right now, will be where the focus of your search will be.

Ultimately, the message is one of taking total responsibility for ourselves. The shadow is as much a part of our psyches as our joy is. The conversation you have with that part of yourself,the part of you that you would rather disown and lock away, will be had, unless you are prepared to live a half life, looking behind you, or cringing in guilt at your perception of the unforgivable you. Forgive yourself. Move on, and the big massive motivators of the Grand Cardinal Square will inspire you to be all you can be.

Awakening is certainly confusing, and enlightenment is not all angelic choirs and a pat on the back for being so very “good” it is above all a process and a journey of epic proportions. But know that the very kernel of progress is to be our authentic selves, to help and support others on their paths towards truth and meaning. We cannot do it for them, but we can certainly help and be there to validate their efforts, and our own.

At this time of amazing challenges and upheaval, my door is always open to those who would like to explore their journey through the Stars and the Cards. Please feel free to contact me via my email address.

Blessings to each and every one of you, travelers and pioneers! xxx

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